Combining theory and practice

Whether you are commencing a dual study programme, working as a student trainee, writing your thesis with us or wishing to gain work experience through an academic apprenticeship, we at Faller Packaging offer you great opportunities to put your learning knowledge into practice. 

Seeking enquiring minds

We develop ourselves further every day and are looking for young professionals who want to travel this road with us. That is why it is important to us that you are self-confident, prepared to embark on something new and see responsibility as an opportunity.

Dual study programme

Both our dual study programmes offer you the opportunity to combine practical training with your university studies and complete the Bachelor of Arts or Engineering in only three years. By alternating between the three-month long practical stages with our company and the theoretical stages with one of our partner universities, you will gain extensive skills that will guarantee you a stimulating working environment and prepare you well for specialist and management positions. In addition, you will gain an understanding of our business and the values on which Faller Packaging is based, such as honesty, customer loyalty and sustainability. In contrast to regular studies, you will also be more financially independent as you will be paid for your time spent with us, including the study phases.

Current availability

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We work together

Partner of Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg

We work together

Partner of IHK



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