2017-10-04 | Company-News

August Faller in Denmark turns 100 years

August Faller in Denmark was founded October 31, 1917 by Andreas Christian Schmidt under the name A.C. Schmidt. The prime focus of the business was buying and selling timber in addition to buying, repairing and selling wooden crates.

The business started in the centre of Copenhagen. In 1924 two competitors were acquired and the company moved to a new site close to where Copenhagen International Airport is located today.

The business was going well and in 1937 a 4.000 sqm brick building was erected close by. In 1955 the business was split into 2 parts; the part focusing on wooden crates and the part focusing on offset printing (packaging).

In 1979 the packaging business moved to a brand new 3.500 sqm facility at the present location in Hvidovre 5 km south west of the Copenhagen city centre. In 1985 the site grew to 5.500 sqm as a new gluing hall and a dispatch area were added.

Since the founding of the company it had been family owned with 3rd generation running the company in this point in time. After some financially tough years around 2010 it was decided in 2012 to initiate a selling process. At the same time August Faller was looking for an opportunity to expand up north by having a production facility in the Nordics. In the summer of 2012 August Faller acquired A.C. Schmidt and the company is now 5 years on fully integrated in the August Faller Group with a total of approx. 70 employees.

The 100 years anniversary was marked Sunday Oct. 1 at the Faller Family Day were the employees and their families turned up to learn more about the company, to have a tour of the production and to celebrate the first 100 years of the company.

Christian Holmskov

Managing Director Christian Holmskov infront of Faller side in Denmark
Managing Director Christian Holmskov infront of Faller side in Denmark



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