2019-07-18 | Company-News

August Faller wins FINAT Award

This year, the coveted FINAT Award in the "multi-layer labels" category goes to August Faller. The packaging specialist convinced the jury with its Faller info label. The multi-page info label offers sufficient free space on the smallest possible surface – and it can be handled easily by manufacturers and users alike.

The need for information on pharmaceutical packaging is increasing rapidly, because as well as legally-prescribed information, labels must also contain more and more application aids for doctors, pharmacists and patients – often in the form of pictograms or multi-lingual versions.

To meet this challenge, August Faller developed the Faller info label for a well-known pharmaceutical company. Compared to single-layer variants, the two-layer label with its three pages significantly expands the surface that is available for information. The pages adhere statically to each other thanks to a special lacquer combination, which makes the label resealable and dirt-repellent. The title page is smaller to allow space for serialisation – and it also has information in Braille.

“The Faller label is very easy to open and close thanks to its static adhesion. The print is easy to read, as is the Braille information applied by screen printing. It looks simple, but is a real challenge for production,” was the verdict of the jury at the award ceremony on June 5 in Copenhagen.

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