2019-11-05 | Company-News

August Faller becomes Faller Packaging

Together with our customers, we are experiencing much change in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry: Time-to-market is decreasing, batch sizes are becoming smaller, and thus the costs for production, packaging and transport are increasing. Besides, there are new legal regulations for counterfeit protection and serialization.

This leads us to new solutions!

Looking back now, we can see that our company has developed extraordinarily. We have expanded our range, added many services to our portfolio and worked with you to find out what services we are capable of.

We want to show you this with our new external appearance and cordially invite you to get to know us again. Perhaps you are discovering something that you don't know about us yet?

We have ambitious plans for the future: Together with our partners, we want to redesign the packaging and supply chain of medical products.

We have summarized all this for you in the following video:



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