2019-07-09 | Company-News

Faller executives beat their way through the wilderness

Cooperation based on trust, an open communication culture and a strong community are an important part of the secret of our success. In order to keep these factors alive, our managers from all countries and locations recently met to exchange ideas outside of their everyday working lives.

However, this meeting was very unusual: the entire team spent 2 days together in the wilderness. Instead of calculations, planning and budget rounds, the program now included tracking, making fires, or determining plants, animal tracks and mushrooms.

The Faller executives were simply delighted with this event, like Kerstin Löffler, Head of Marketing & Innovation: "It was a super good event. For many participants it was certainly a real challenge, as the tasks were simply unfamiliar. The mixture of program items was really great: Besides action-packed contents, it was also about challenges where teamwork was required or where the knowledge of individuals helped the whole group. In this way we reduced the distance to each other and built understanding and trust for each other. This has an immediate and incredibly positive effect on professional cooperation."

Dr. Daniel Keesman, managing partner at August Faller, summarizes this extraordinary event: "The unique outdoor event for all managers of the Faller Group lead to strengthen the personal community and reduce the cultural differences that exist between the different locations and countries. It was also excellent to share new experiences and personal views together. An event that will remain positive in everyone's memory for a long time to come and that has strengthened the team spirit".



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