2019-09-23 | Product-News

Free White Paper on Pharmaceutical Labels

In the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech and medical technology industries, labels tackle a wide variety of tasks. They display information for doctors, pharmacists and patients, and they increase the attractiveness of over-the-counter products. Also, they help manufacturers to make their production processes transparent and traceable and protect themselves against product counterfeiting. To handle all these tasks and many others in the best possible way, labels are available in a large number of variants.

In its new white paper „Pharmaceutical Labels: All-rounders for High Demands“, August Faller provides a comprehensive overview of materials, technologies and design options for adhesive labels. For example, readers can find out which type of label is suitable for which kind of use, how the individual components can be ideally matched to one another and which factors are decisive in the production of labels.

Curious? Here you can download our white paper for free.



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