2020-02-18 | Company-News

Bellwyck Faller PharmaceuticalServices GmbH sold

Bellwyck Packaging Inc. with headquarters in the CanadianToronto has expanded its Bellwyck PharmaServices to the American company PCI PharmaServices, including its 50-percent stake inof Bellwyck Faller Pharmaceutical Services GmbH, which is locatedin Großbeeren (Brandenburg). Faller Packaging,owner of the other 50 percent of the joint venture,sold its stake in the supplier ofContract Packaging Services as well as packaging andlogistics services for clinical studies also tothe PCI Pharma Services.

"Bellwyck Faller Pharmaceutical Services GmbH is an independent company with its own portfolio and clientele. The sale to PCI Pharma Services gives it excellent opportunities to continue to develop and grow very positively," says Dr. Daniel Keesman, managing partner of Faller Packaging. "Our goal is to continue to intensively expand the good cooperation even after the dissolution of the joint venture".



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