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With innovative spirit, we create solutions with added value for our customers

Our aim is to be the first point of contact for all components relating to secondary packaging in the pharma industry. By actively listening and continuously striving to rank among the best performers in our industry in Europe, we have oriented our product range and service portfolio specifically to your needs to create solutions with added value for you.

Only those who keep an eye on the big picture can be the best performers. Our corporate strategy with the pillars of operational excellence, innovation and internationalisation allows for this principle by combining a responsible approach towards people and nature, the efficiency of internal and external processes and a consistent orientation to the future.

For over 130 years we have been combining experience with inventive genius: our foundation for single-minded innovation. This results in products and services that have won numerous awards.

Germany: Waldkirch, Binzen, Schopheim, Großbeeren / Denmarkk: Hvidovre / Poland: Łódź
Our sites: Waldkirch, Germany
Our sites: Waldkirch, Germany
At our site in Waldkirch, we have specialised in the production of regular folding cartons and special designs. In addition, the head office is also located here, which represents the heart of our company.
Our sites: Schopfheim, Germany
Our sites: Schopfheim, Germany
At our site in Schopfheim, we make labels in flexographic and digital printing. With our innovations in label printing, we win major awards every year.
Our sites: Binzen, Germany
Our sites: Binzen, Germany
At our site in Binzen, we manufacture leaflets in different sizes and folds. Since the completion of the plant in 2003, we have produced up to 1.6 billion leaflets a year here.
Our sites: Großbeeren, Germany
Our sites: Großbeeren, Germany
With the addition of our site in Großbeeren in 2008, we expanded our range of services for custom-made pharmaceutical packaging. With an area of more than 700 m² we can package, repackage, assemble and label your products.
Our sites: Lodz, Poland
Our sites: Lodz, Poland
We recently opened our production site in Łódź, Poland, in October 2013. With an area of 5,550 m² we produce folding carton solutions for the pharmaceutical industry according to cGMP guidelines.
Our sites: Hvidovre, Denmark
Our sites: Hvidovre, Denmark
Since 2012 August Faller A/S in Hvidovre (near the Danish capital Copenhagen) has been a part of the Faller family of companies. Approximately 60 people specialise here in the manufacture of folding cartons and special designs and their finishing, such as UV printing and hot foil stamping.
Our sites: Faller-Perigord Artwork Services
Our sites: Faller-Perigord Artwork Services
Our subsidiary offers from artwork creation to coordination and the complete print data management, the entire portfolio of typesetting services.



  • DIN EN ISO 9001 ISO 9001 IQNet
  • Manufacturing license human medicine according to § 13 AMG for PSC Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Manufacturing license veterinary medicine according to § 13 AMG for PSC Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • GMP certificate for Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • GMP certificat for Veterinary Medicinal Products


  • FSC® Certificate for sites Waldkirch, Binzen, Hvidovre

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131.9 Mio. €

Turnover Faller Packaging 2018


Employees Faller Packaging 2018


Folding Cartons Leaflets Labels, Combination Products...

Combination Products, Contract Packaging, Pharma Supply Chain Services, Development Services
Production capacity

2.5 billion folding cartons, 1.0 billion leaflets, 1.2 billion adhesive labels


We always fulfil the demanding quality requirements of the pharma industry across all sites using our latest testing techniques. Our quality standard… read more

Historical milestones

Founding of the business as a lithographic printing plant by August Faller.

Start of the manufacture of folding cartons in addition to adhesive labels and chocolate wrappers.

Faller receives international quality certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 for the first time.
Since the start of the 1990s the focus is on the pharmaceutical packaging market.

Entry into digital printing for adhesive labels.

Opening of the Packaging services  PharmaServiceCenter in Großbeeren near Berlin.

Acquisition of Danish folding carton manufacturer A.C. Schmidt in Hvidovre.

Opening of the production site in Łódź/Poland.

Our values

In systematically improving customer satisfaction and our performance, executives and employees orient themselves towards the company values. The values at August Faller GmbH & Co. KG form the basis of and guide for all decisions made within the company. Transactions and negotiations must take place in harmony with the values. Find more details here.



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