Faller Packaging products convince

Faller Packaging products are often honored with awards!


2019"Smart Packaging" Solution Medical PrescriptionGerman Innovation Award 2019
2018Faller Pharma Compliance PackGerman Design Award 2018
2017Elisa-Kit BoxFinalist European Carton Excellence Award 2017
2017Faller Pharma Compliance PackPharmapack Awards 2017
2017Faller Pharma Compliance PackWorld Star Award
2016Faller Pharma Compliance PackGerman Packaging Award
2016Hanger Info LabelWorld Star Award
2015Ergo LabelSilver Pack Award
2014Hanger Info LabelGerman Packaging Award
2013Category "Booklet"Finat Award
2012Category "Digital Imaging"Finat Award
2009Age-appropriate packagingSilver Pack Award



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