The EU's requirements for the security of pharmaceutical packaging require pharmacists and packaging manufacturers to take different approaches to protecting the product and brand. They can choose from a variety of solutions for protecting the folding carton as pharmaceutical secondary packaging against tampering and for improving the tamper-evident security of primary packaging materials with labels.


Security features

The safety features are intended to enable wholesalers and persons authorized or empowered to supply medicinal products to the public to verify the authenticity of the medicinal product. In addition, the identification of an individual package shall be guaranteed.

Tamper-evident protection

The tamper-evident protection shall be a device that allows to check whether the outer packaging has been tampered with.



Tamper Evident Protection for folding cartons


These tamper-evident closures are used for product and brand protection. Our developed solutions meet the requirements of the standard and can therefore be called Tamper Evident:

  • Tamper evident protection on the dust flap
  • Tamper evident protection with glued flap
  • Tamper evident protection with safety glue
  • Tamper evident protection with adhesive label
Tamper Evident solutions with labels for primary packaging


Legal guidelines also require the primary packaging to be tamper-evident or child resistant. Mostly these containers have or packages themselves already have an appropriate manipulation security (blisters, bottles etc.), but can be additionally protected even more effectively against manipulation with labels.

Our solutions: 

  • Tamper evident protection for ampoules
  • Tamper evident protection for pens or vials and tubes
  • Tamper evident protection for jars, tins and bottles
Whitepaper - Tamper Evidence
Pharmaceutical adhesive labels

Labels are an important component of packaging in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, the biotech and medical technology sector. Depending on the area of application, they have to meet very different requirements. In our white paper we give a comprehensive overview of materials, technologies and design options.

Labels take on the most diverse tasks: Doctors, pharmacists and patients find important information on them about the correct intake or shelf life of a drug as well as warnings. In the case of over-the-counter products, they increase the attractiveness at the point of sale and thus ensure rising sales figures. Equipped with batch numbers and serialized codes, they help manufacturers make their production processes transparent and traceable and protect themselves against counterfeit products.

For these and many other requirements, we have developed high-quality pharmaceutical labels for our customers in a variety of variants and formats: From simple pharmaceutical information labels to multipage, booklet or folded leaflet labels, permanently adhesive or easy to peel, flexible and cuddly or firm and robust against external influences. Depending on the substrate material, such as glass, plastic, cardboard or metal, we have the optimal solution for you: pharmaceutical labels tailor-made for your products, with the desired properties:

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Key Account Manager Thomas Justvan
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