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The multi-award-winning hanger label opens up undreamt-of possibilities, not only for vertically suspended infusion bottles. Additional features in the design improve documentation and increase the informative content of your product. Get in touch with us!

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Infusion bottles are usually attached to a suitable holder. This is very time-consuming, which can lead to various problems in an emergency. High costs are also incurred in the procurement of the holders.Thus self-adhesive suspension devices for transfusion bottles, infusion bottles and injection bottles were sought and finally described in DIN 58376. The costly disinfecting of frames is also eliminated by this option.

Naturally, we will also be glad to equip the new Hanger Label Twist with additional features. Booklets or leaflets permit a variety of information to be placed directly on the bottle. Customisations are displayed directly by each product and enable precise documentation.

Hanger Label Twist
Hanger Label Twist
The practical and reliable solution allows infusions to be attached in a vertical position.
Hanger Info Label
Hanger Info Label
The advancement of Hanger Label Twist, for hanging infusions, offers complete and uniform emptying, good documentation, sufficient space for work instructions in different languages, quick, hygienic and easy to use.
Hanger Info Label
Hanger Info Label
Rotating the label ensures that the infusion is suspended vertically. Additional information can be attached to the bottle with a multi-page information brochure.
No wastage

thanks to vertical suspension

Integrated documentation sections

for the patient files

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