Info Label

Fitting even more information into a confined area: this is possible with the new info labels with three layers! An innovative further development of the previous info label lets you place even more information on a round container.

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Comprehensive product information

How to accommodate extensive product information even better and not have to do without additional label features? The 3-ply or 5-page version of the new Info Label lets you put even more information on your products. They are ideally suited for use on round containers of all kinds. The resistant PP film can be printed with innovative coatings and adheres without leaving any adhesive residue. It can even be ordered with integrated security features and documentation sections, such as detachable information and warnings. The label can also be serialised and customised.

Info Label
Info Label

  • More information (3 layers/ 5 pages)
  • Repeatedly resealable thanks to statically adhering pages
  • Suitable for round containers
  • Adhesion without adhesive residue, so no dust adhesion
  • Integrated documentation sections, safety features, serialisation and customisation
More information

fitting into the smallest space

For all sizes

can also be implemented on the smallest containers


boosting information for the patient on how to take the medication



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