It is proven that with the new readability guideline the texts on the leaflets will require up to 30% additional space. In this context formats will grow to such extent that they will be no more confectionable with current procedures or folding schemes. The outserts of Faller Packaging offer a compact solution, which both integrates smoothly into your packing line and provides the patient with all information conveniently.

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Without risks and side effects

Safety information, instructions on taking the medication and information on dosage: the demands on the leaflet, specifically its design, are becoming ever greater. For instance, icons and images are increasingly being used to aid the taking of the medication and compliance. As a result, this leads to a steadily growing need for space – a requirement that can be fulfilled easily by our outserts.

Banded outserts
Banded outserts


  • Glued with glue spots or sealing label
  • Good opacity
  • Consistent transparency
  • Luminescence (generally between 6° and greater than 10° according to Ciba-Geigy-Scale)
  • Satisfactory degree of whiteness
  • Relative Humidity between 45 and 55%
  • Good printability
  • Maximum 6 - coulour printing (6/0, 5/1, 4/2 or 3/3 coloured)
  • White, wood-free pharmaceutical paper between 40 and 50 g



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