Need more space on your packaging?

here are 20 proven solutions:

Packaging for pharmaceutical products means far more than just a simple sleeve for storage and transport purposes. Packaging has to be:

  • safe
  • easy to handle and
  • appeal
  • but also contain more and more information (e.g. application notes, codes for serialization, tamper-proof seals)

This makes the development of suitable packaging solutions a difficult task.

Based on our experience, we extracted the 20 most proven solutions for you:

20 best solutions in one whitepaper

  • The 8 best solutions for folding boxes => From the extended rear wall to the combination product
  • All about multi-layer, multipage and wrap-around labels
  • Package inserts: glued, banded or shrink-wrapped?
  • QR Codes, NFC and Augmented Reality: All digital communication channels at a glance



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