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More planning security. More quickly. Check the status of your orders all at once with the Faller Packaging App. Anytime and from anywhere!

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Always up to date

Digitisation is arriving in all parts of our everyday lives. Things, that up to now have been analogue will be digital tomorrow. At Faller Packaging we are addressing this topic and developed an app for our customers, that is unique in the market of pharmaceutical packaging.

To quickly know, if quantity or date of an order can still be changed can be a very important information in time critical situations. How far has an order been processed or when will my products be delivered. You can now retrieve all this information easliy and fast via a smartphone app or with a desktop link.

Simply download the app on google play or the app store or type in the link into your browser and with your purchase order number or your item number you can track your order status. Live an from everywhere!

Discover the digital future with us!

For your iPhone

on the Apple App Store

For your Android smartphone

on Google Play Store

On the internet

from mobile and PC

Your advantages with the Faller Packaging APP

  • Retrieve relevant information on your orders anytime and from everywhere

  • Overview of all your open orders and thus better controlling

  • Live data retrieval without loss of time

  • Highest security through encrypted data transfer

  • Time savings through direct access via desktop, smartphone or tablet




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