Just in Time with Launch-Concepts

In the pharmaceutical industry speed and felxibility play an essentail role. Profitability does not just mean speed. The efficiency is also crucial. At Faller Packaging, you are optimally positioned in terms of supply chain management - even with smaller lot sizes and particularly urgent orders: find out more about our especially designed launch concepts!

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We are here to ensure the successful and timely introduction of your product onto the market.

“Market launches for new products or the introduction of existing products in additional countries is a truly complex critical matter for our clients,” said Mathias Felber, Vice President for Business Europe at the August Faller Group.

We’re currently seeing an increased demand for launch concepts in the pharmaceutical industry, calling for very fast delivery times for the introduction of new products. The general rule is that the product that appears in the pharmacy first is the one which is purchased the most. This means that the time pressure faced by pharmacists is highly significant. 

This is where the Faller launch concept comes in, reducing the time-to-market and simplifying the sourcing process. For standard packaging products, the process is expected to have a delivery time of three to five days, and more complex packaging, such as folding cartons with integrated leaflets, may take 6-8 days for delivery. One contact person at the August Faller Group is responsible for the coordination between three production sites, making the project significantly easier.

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Faller Packaging launch concept for folding boxes, leaflets, labels and service related to the packaging components
Faller Packaging launch concept for folding boxes, leaflets, labels and service related to the packaging components
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Which services make up the launch concept?

  • Artwork management
  • Manufacture of the three packaging products folding cartons, leaflets, adhesive labels
  • Delivery concept

The benefits of our launch-concept for you:

  • We consider the time-critical factors and devise an itinerary together with you.
  • There is only one contact person to support you throughout the entire process.
  • Time-critical delivery deadlines are met using weekend shifts, and all packaging products are dispatched in one shipment.

Success Stories:

You can not quite imagine what a launch-concept looks like in practice?

For this we have prepared a few Success Stories, which report on successful launch concepts with customers.



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