Small format, large content - Do you have a lot to say? Say it on our multipage labels – new from Faller Packaging. Our multipage labels have space for a complete list of product features, detailed clinical studies or descriptions in several languages. Depending on the format, you can choose any number of pages.

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Multi-page labels are both label and leaflet and come in two versions: as a booklet label in brochure form and as a folded leaflet.

They can accommodate a particularly large amount of product information directly on the product and therefore offer an economically attractive solution for fitting a lot of information into the smallest space thanks to their design and material properties. Multi-layer labels can demonstrate more compliance with the new readability guidelines as they offer so much space.

Creative solutions for your primary package
Creative solutions for your primary package
Solutions for a lot of information on small space
Solutions for a lot of information on small space

VariantsResealable, laminated/not laminated, as a leaflet and booklet or booklet wrap-around label, various opening options, perforation, removable pages
Common materialsCombination of paper with various labelstock
UsageFolding cartons, bottles, jars etc.; adhesion on flat and round surfaces
Technology/MarkingBraille possible on laminate, various finishings

Leaflet Labels

Leaflet labels are multi-page labels that can be folded onto the most varied of blank spaces. This offers an especially large amount of space to accommodate detailed information.

They can be used for a variety of products, for example folding cartons, bottles or jars. They can be attached to flat or round surfaces.

Are you familiar with our new, environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable multi-page adhesive label that isn’t laminated?

Find out more about the label and what it’s made of in our product data sheet. 

Booklet Labels

Faller Packaging booklet labels are multi-page labels in brochure form and are particularly suitable for accommodating various information.

They can be affixed with permanent adhesive, removable or resealable on glass, plastic, paper and cardboard containers like folding cartons, bottles or jars.

Booklet wrap-around labels

Booklet wrap-around labels are multi-page labels in brochure form that offer more space for a variety of information. They can be easily opened and resealed or removed if necessary.

As an example, they can be used on round bottles and vials where a conventional label is not sufficient for the inclusion of all relevant information. The materials are a combination of paper and various adhesives.

Find out more about the label and what it’s made of in our Product data sheet.



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