TEAM Label

The TEAM Label offers more space for information on the same surface and is the ideal answer to an acute lack of space due to, for example, increasing requirements for multilingualism or the description of intake or safety information using images or pictograms. In addition, a secure tamper-evident seal is added to prevent manipulation.

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Functions as a double pack

The tamper-evident and multi-page label combines an up to 32-page booklet label with a closure label including a tamper-evident seal in accordance with the European Directive 2011/62/EU. It is especially practical for the inclusion of very large amounts of information and, at the same time, prevents product manipulation.

Team Label - unopened
Team Label - unopened
Opened Team Label
Opened Team Label
Multipage Label
Multipage Label

More space for information plus tamper-evident seal

Relevant information and additional user information or patient information can be attached to the outside of the folding carton without the need to break the tamper-evident seal of the folding carton.

  • Particularly suitable for folding carton designs with an auto-lock bottom or a tamper-evident seal with a flap adhered to one side
  • Applied by machine or by hand to flat surfaces, whereby the integrated “closure label” is adhered to a corner
  • Can also be adapted for round containers such as bottles, jars or cans
  • For existing folding cartons with a transparent base label: it is not absolutely necessary to change the folding carton artwork
  • Release the booklet by the grip flap and flick through it


    • More space for information
    • Strong adhesion to many surfaces
    • More security through tamper evidence
    • Printing of variable data possible
    • Simple to open with a grip flap



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