Faller Perigord Artwork Services:
Global Centre of Packaging Excellence

Game-changing packaging solutions

Faller Packaging and Perigord jointly founded a global centre of packaging excellence for artwork services in Waldkirch in the German region of Baden. It is because of our shared commitment to innovation, quality and compliance that Faller Packaging and Perigord have embarked upon this joint venture.

Faller Perigord Artwork Services

The Faller-Perigord Artwork Services offers you excellent solutions for all your artwork needs:

  • Strategic advice and managed services
  • Creative design and brand development
  • Artwork and labelling
  • Outsourcing and resourcing of artwork services
  • Software solutions

Why Faller Perigord?

Passing audits with excellent quality is the foundation for everything we do at Faller Perigord. Patient safety and risk mitigation drives our culture of operational excellence. The GMP/GAMP-compliant processes we employ and our bespoke Quality Management System all work in service of that.

All services provided by Perigord, both regionally and globally, are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and PS 9000:2016. Independent of the fact that Faller Perigord is certified according to these global standards, an audit is carried out by all our customers on a continuous basis of 48 months. In 2018, Faller Perigord was audited by 15 of the world's 20 leading pharmaceutical companies and passed all audits with flying colours.

Getting Things Right

The Faller Perigord Consulting and Managed Service teams provide global leadership, best in class strategic advice, and direction on supply chain, packaging/labelling, regulatory, quality, and marketing communications to the Life Science industry.

Support in CMO selection, pack review and development, packaging workflow and process design, contractor audit and validation, etc. are just some of the points that can be mapped together with Faller Perigord.

In Sight and In Mind

Faller Perigord are global leaders in the provision of creative and digital services, delivering best in class creativity for the Life Science industry:

  • Development of packaging design and concept design
  • Marketing collateral, corporate communications
  • Strategic design
  • 3D rendering and asset creation
  • Webinare and presentations
  • etc.

Peace of Mind

Faller Perigord provides global leadership and best in class customer engagement in the provision of packaging, artwork and labelling services for the Life Science industry.

We support you with the creation of production/ creation of all component types, 3D product imagery wireframe creation, 24/7 launch coverage, medical illustrations, mockups/samples/POS, template developments and many other packaging, labelling and artwork solutions you need.

Business Needs Drive Business Decisions

With increasing globalisation and a highly competitive, regulated market place, outsourcing specialised tasks is becoming the norm in the Life Science industry.

Faller Perigord services:

  • Translation management
  • Market coordination
  • Artwork coordination
  • Workflow Management
  • Change Control Management
  • etc.

Digital Transformation

Faller Perigord’s digital enterprise and configurable systems deliver global advantage and best in class regulatory compliance, providing validated packaging supply chain workflow management solutions to the Life Science industry.

Global Centres of Packaging Excellence

  • Perigord, Irland: Global head office
  • Perigord, Asia
  • Perigord, Europa
  • Perigord, USA and Pacific

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