Efficiency: Pharma Supply Chain

There are many approaches optimizing the supply chain. Through suitable measures methods and reaction times can be shortened and stocks and waste can be reduced. Benefit from the long experience of our experts at Faller Packaging and increase your process stability. We are happy to help you uncover individual savings in the process.

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The Strategy for Success

As a company in the pharmaceutical sector you are faced with complex challenges. Cost pressures, higher complexity owing to falling production batch sizes and increased regulatory pressure are just a few. On the other hand your responsibility for the health of your customers, your quality requirements and the security of your competitive position is also determined, amongst other factors, by your pricing policy.

This is exactly where Faller Packaging comes into play. The aim of Faller's Pharma Supply Chain management concept is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your value-added chain. This we achieve by keeping our error margin low as a result of greater process stability, by reducing your costs as a result of avoiding stocks of finished goods, transportation and waste; by minimising the time to market as a result of shorter restocking and lead times; and by simply eliminating unprofitable process steps. For you this means: quicker order processing, deliveries geared towards needs, more rapid adaptation to the changes in the market and that compliance with statutory basic conditions is ensured.

Thanks to our broad expertise relating to pharmaceutical supply chain management we, at Faller Packaging, always have an eye on the important issues on your behalf. Whether E-business, Just-In-Time & multi-component supply, vendor managed inventory or holistic supply chain consultation, skilled qualified staff are happy to advise you on all matters related to optimising your value-added chain.

Your Advantages:

  • You increase quality and security.
  • You reduce your error ratio.
  • You can focus on your core issues.
  • You minimise the time to market.
  • You decrease the lead time and restocking time.
  • You work more efficiently and more effectively.
  • You benefit from our experience and our expertise.
  • We organise delivery entirely according to your wishes.
  • You save enormous costs.
  • We eliminate unprofitable process steps.
  • You avoid storage and transportation.

Just in Time with our Launch-Concepts

Cost-effectiveness does not just mean speed. Efficiency is also crucial. 

For this reason Faller Packaging has focused on Pharma Supply Chain management for several years. As a result we have evolved from a pure packaging manufacturer into a service provider and consequently your ideal added value partner. 

An important component of our Pharma Supply Chain management is the so-called "Launch-Concept". In other words, we support you in the successful and punctual launch of your products.

Get to know more about our Launch-Concepts

Combination Products

As one of our services multicomponent delivery is also part of the optimal value chain.

As "One-Stop-Shop" we produce folding cartons, leaflets and adhesive labels and deliver them just in time directly to the packaging line as required by your order. By request all components are picked onto a pallet and hence are available in the collection area already combined. Storage and picking of packaging are processes you need no longer worry about.

Get to know more about our combination products


With our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) or Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) we would like to better exploit your potential. To optimally exploit the potential for improvement in the supply chain in the best possible way, Faller Packaging focuses on the interlocking of market distribution and supply. As a service provider we take care of the planning and control of inventories, purchase orders and deliveries. We monitor the inventory stocks of packaging, initiate additional production ourselves within a previously agreed framework and deliver reliably.Your advantages in this are obvious. As a pharmaceutical specialist Faller Packaging can react rapidly to fluctuations in requirements and consequently, for example, avoid out of stock situations.


For an optimal implementation of supply chain management e-business processes are indispensable. Faller Packaging develops customised solutions which are tailored to the operative work processes and system technical requirements of the customer. In doing so, we focus above all on reliability and efficiency. For this reason the packaging-procurement process is mapped out transparently. From the initial order and order confirmation, through to the delivery note and invoicing, and finally to forecasting.

Thanks to our E-business concepts we achieve measurable and sustainable success. Within the scope of packaging management we identify the options you have for increasing efficiency across the entire process. Naturally you can also conveniently process your complete purchase order, forecasts, invoicing or exchange of other documents online.



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