customised packaging:
INDIVIDUal | CONVENIENT | sustainable

Individual packaging for your requirements

This folding carton was specially designed for the ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test. Its partitions are precisely tailored to fit various test components in a minimal amount of space for efficiency and to protect them from breakage caused by impact, pressure or falling. The partitions prevent samples from being mixed up during transport and can be flexibly adapted to each test format using perforations.

The ELISA-KIT box’s optimal pack size helps save space and costs during transport and storage. Exceptional convenience: the boxes are easy to open and keep all test components neatly arranged and simple to remove. They are made completely of carton board, meaning they are 100% recyclable.

individual packing solutions

Your challenge: Having a folding carton tailored precisely to your needs.

Our solution: We use our many years of experience to design customised pharmaceutical packaging to suit your specifications. Our solutions have proved themselves in practice time and receive awards regularly.

compact design

Your challenge: Reducing costs through space-saving packaging.

Our solution: We employ precisely tailored designs to develop the perfect pack size for your secondary pharmaceutical packaging, so you can make optimal use of space during storage and transport.

reliable product protection

Your challenge: Ensuring products do not break during transport.

Our solution: Optimally tailored partitions keep all products separated with individual chambers and arranged at the same height for a neat presentation. This means products are always protected from breaking, pressure or falling.

greater convenience

Your challenge: Ensuring a product is as convenient and comfortable to handle as possible for the user.

Our solution: Our packaging designs simplify the process of handling medication for your customers. The packaging solutions are easy to open, keep all components neatly arranged and make it easier for users to take complex medications with several components.

Plastic-free packaging

Your challenge: Using packaging material that is as sustainable as possible.

Our solution: We offer mono-material packaging solutions that are 100% recyclable.


Your challenge: The legal requirements for pharmaceutical secondary packaging have increased in recent years.

Our solution: Faller Packaging offers various closure variants to ensure initial opening protection as well as effective product and brand protection. Our solutions include label and construction solutions for a secure tamper-evident closure as well as the printing of serialised codes on the medication package for the labelling of medical products.



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