appealing folding carton designs:
with print finishes


Influence your customers’ purchasing decisions with packaging designs that stand out from the crowd. We help you to put your medicines in the limelight with optical and haptic packaging finishes:

  • High-gloss surfaces
  • Brilliant matt-gloss effects
  • Impressive contrasts
  • Haptic experiences
  • Brilliant special-effect inks
  • High-quality embossing


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Finishing options for folding cartons:

Dispersion varnishes: Dispersion varnishes (water-based varnishes) enable good matt and gloss effects to be achieved. Various grades are available from high-gloss to matt and these varnishes provide protection against external influences, such as abrasion and scratches.

UV varnishes: UV varnishes are harder and glossier than dispersion varnishes. They provide the most intense results out of all the varnishes and increase the colour brilliance. The combination of matt varnishes and UV gloss varnishes enables striking visual accents to be achieved. The varnished surfaces have a very high level of protection against abrasion and scratches.

Drip-off varnishes: Eye-catching gloss contrasts can be created with drip-off varnishes. Particularly varied reflection contrasts are created between parts of surfaces that are matt and glossy. They are ideal for making individual elements stand out on the print image and are suitable for very fine text and lines.

Soft-touch varnishes: Soft-touch varnishes stand out thanks to their pleasant haptic effect. The “peach skin” effect creates a textured and velvety surface. This surface appears warm and pleasant.

Metallic inks: Gold and silver create a sophisticated and high-quality look. Both precious metal inks make the printed product appear extravagant and turn it into an eye-catching piece. In order to highlight the desired metallic effect even more, the gold and silver prints are finished with gloss varnish.

Embossing: Embossing emphasises designs subtly in a three-dimensional and tactile manner. They create a sensory experience and can be added to the printed product as embossing or deep embossing. For pharma packaging, braille helps those with a visual impairment to identify the packaging clearly.

Further finishing options: Iriodin coatings and colours, Film lamination, Hot film embossing, Window gluing, Metallic effects using aluminium-fumed/aluminium-laminated material

Finishing options for lables:

Faller Packaging offers a wide variety of finishing options for labels like: coating combinations, UV coatings, Silver and gold colours, Cold film transfer or Braille using screen printing 

The responsible use of resources

Faller Packaging regards ecological management as a crucial element of its business – from the use of natural raw materials such as paper and cardboard to energy consumption and CO2 emissions. All of the company’s production processes are designed for maximum efficiency and sustainability – this not only reduces costs, it is also good for the environment.

To acknowledge sustainable management and make it visible to the public, the Baden-Wuerttemberg state government has launched its sustainability economic initiative with the Win Charta. As one of the original signatories of the Charta, Faller Packaging is committed to a total of twelve guiding principles – always with the aim of acting in an ecological, economical and socially-responsible manner. You can find more about the Win Charta at

More about our sustainability activities

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