Industrie: Chemistry

Information carriers for regulatory markings, warnings and product descriptions. Resistant in various environmental conditions. Secure adhesion to all conceivable surfaces. All this is achieved by our adhesive labels solutions for the chemical industry!

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Robust in all aspects

In the chemical industry, adhesive labels must meet a wide range of requirements:

Whether they need to provide space for a large amount of information, serve as carriers of all relevant regulatory information or adhere securely to different surfaces:

  • Labels must also adhere to glass, metal, plastic or carton board (sometimes for up to 5 years) and be legible and “indelible” during the entire lifespan of the product
  • In some cases, British Standard 5609 requires labelling to be resistant to seawater (IMDG), at least adhesive for three months
  • Adhesive material and the printing must be resistance to chemicals, oils, greases or solvents, as well as counterfeit protection
  • The ability to apply serialization or to combine the label with a tamper-evident protection is further enhanced by the new regulatory requirements
Our labels are also suitable for use on difficult substrates and in the environment of oils, greases, paints, varnishes, chemicals and much more.
Together with you we develop special labels or multipage labels on which you can store all important information
All products are subject to directives such as the GHS / CLP Regulation of the Federal Environmental Agency and you must therefore provide them with warning labels? We help with the implementation!

What would it be like to have a partner to...

  • advise you with chemical knowledge and expertise,
  • recognise and document processes and procedures together with you
  • regularly check your needs
  • keep you informed of new developments
  • provide you with similar usages
  • be always by your side for material tests and trials
  • and work out a cost-benefit analysis for you if required?

Adhere to any surface

Do your labels need to adhere to metal, glass, carton board or plastic equally well? We work with you to develop the right products with matching features such as:

  • Design
  • Adhesive
  • Colours
  • Varnishes

Enough space for information

Do you need space for important information such as product descriptions, warnings or markings? We work with you to develop information labels or multi-page labels on which you put all your important information.

Also a combination with Tamper Evidence Label as well as Serialisation are possible. We will gladly work out your requirements together with needs-based solutions.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Are your products subject to guidelines such as the GHS/CLP Regulation of the Federal Environment Agency and must they therefore be labelled with warnings? We are happy to support you in complying with all the regulatory requirements relevant for labelling.

Available in small and big volumes

Do you need  large or even small quantities - depending on the market or product variant? With flexo and digital printing, we have the right technologies to meet your needs.

The Faller Packaging adhesive label can also be pre-printed with swatches or logos, and is perfectly matched to your needs for use on laser printer or on-roll inkjet systems.

Resistant in any environment

Does the labeling of your products need to be resistant to moisture, heat, chemicals, solvents, oils or even greases? Or does your product violate the labeling requirements if the label with necessary product information and warnings is lost during transport?

In the event of an accident at sea dangerous goods labels must remain identifiable in saltwater for three months,  in accordance with British Standard 5609 Section 2. If controlled by the port authorities or the water police, inadequate label material may result in fines and, where appropriate, lead to the withdrawal of an authorization or culminate in a port ban.



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