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The Future of the Pharma Packaging

The future of the pharmaceutical industry looks promising. Scientific and technological breakthroughs, socio-economic change as well as the  improved access of the world population to medicines associated with the liberalization of world trade, will all determine the fate of the industry in the coming decades. Whoever now thinks that the fate of the pharmaceutical industry is sealed is grossly mistaken. The legal requirements are varied, ranging from stronger price regulations to stringent country-specific safety certifications. In particular, serialization will advance the pharmaceutical market in the coming years. At Faller Packaging, we are aware of your challenges.


Research-based pharmaceutical companies are making an important contribution to society by researching active ingredients for previously incurable diseases.

The expense for the marketability of a new product is considerable: clinical studies must prove their  efficacy, safety from falsification must be guaranteed to protect the patient,  the supply of medicines must be fully ensured and the requirements of AMNOG must be met. The secondary packaging of the product in this case plays a crucial role, as it protects the product from contamination and tampering by third parties and simultaneously provides the initial important information regarding the  active ingredients, dosage and recommendation for administration.

Find here more information about quality standards at Faller Packaging in an international comparison!

OTC - Over the Counter

OTC products are available without a prescription at the pharmacy and are therefore subject to intense competition.

The packaging of an OTC product is the most important distinguishing feature differentiating it from competing products. This allows for the exertion of  positive influence on consumer choice, not only through design and patient convenience, but also by increasing confidence, in authenticity through integrated safety features.


The generic-market is predicted to grow by 9% annully until 2017. Challenges arise from parallel imports from dumping markets and price regulations from the governments.

Although a large number of patents expire annually thus paving the way for copycat products, many generic manufacturers face the substantial challenge of bringing their products to market quickly, safely and inexpensively. The complex task of packaging suppliers, in this case, is to demonstrate the product-side and process-side savings, for example, by material and colour harmonization or Supply Chain Solutions, all the time making sure not to neglect  market-driven design.


Healthcare is a generic term for all branches that deal with the topic of health and can also be sold outside the pharmacy.

Non-prescription medications include nutritional supplements, medical devices, biotech products, chemicals and personal care products. As different as the products are, the packaging challenges in terms of labeling, safety and durability are cross-industry. Industry-specific, however, are the requirements for materials and design in order to stand out from the competition at the point of sale.


Diagnostics and Compagnion Diagnostics are becoming increasingly important. We try to take this trend into account and have developed a product and service portfolio for you.

We are one of the few full-service providers in the packaging market to have the know-how and expertise in the field of folding cartons, leaflets and labels. Our focus on the pharmaceutical industry means we understand the needs of the target group very well. More information can be found here



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