Pharma Labels:
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Pharma labels from Faller Packaging are more than just mere more information carriers. Amongst other things, they are used as a tamper-evident safeguard and document important information in the patient’s file. They also help the manufacturer to make its production processes traceable, thus protecting itself from counterfeit products. They also improve the level of attractiveness at the point of sale.

To be best equipped for many other challenges, labels are available in a number of combinations so the ideal solution can be found for every application.

Our employees are happy to help with further information regarding materials and technology, printing processes, colours and finishing.

Product feature labels

Product feature labels are used to feature general information on various primary and secondary packaging like folding cartons, bottles, syringes, vials and pens. These range from advertising measures to content and manufacturer information to batch numbers and shelf life data. There are a number of designs for a wide variety of requirements which are suitable for attaching to both flat and curved surfaces.

There are also various printing processes and varnishes available and various finishing options meaning the labels can be designed to your requirements.

Tamper-Evident Labels

As of February 2019, pharmaceutical companies must provide their packaging for prescription and high-risk over-the-counter medicines with a tamper-evident seal to protect against external manipulation, within the framework of the EU Counterfeiting Directive 2011/62/EU.

Authenticity closure labels from Faller Packaging offer outstanding protection against the manipulation of medical packaging. They are not easy to remove and also offer the possibility of integrating additional features, such as printed security features, which further increase security. 

Find out more about tamper evident labels and the options for use here.

Documentation labels

Documentation labels are particularly suitable for providing specific information for doctors and patients on medication. They are split into parts so that you can simply separate or peel off for documentation purposes and attach them to a patient’s file, for instance. They can be used on syringes, vials, folding cartons, wallets or bottles.

Find out more about documentation labels here.

Multi-layer labels

Multi-layer labels offer an effective answer to the acute lack of space on pharmaceutical packaging, which is caused by an increasing need for information. This is done by using various types of multi-layer pages, which hold larger amounts of text and information.

Do you have more to say? Then discover our multipage labels, which offer you even more space for important information.

Multi-page labels

Multi-page labels offer a particularly generous amount of space for information on the smallest of areas - from product features to detailed clinical studies to descriptions in several languages.

Be inspired by our multipage labels and download the right Product Data sheet for you.

Wrap-around labels

Wrap-around labels are labels that have two sides and can be wrapped around a container several times, making them perfect for bottles or vials for which conventional labels aren’t large enough to provide all of the relevant information.

An additional variant is the booklet wrap-around label, a combination of label and leaflet. This consists of at least four folding pages, which are laminated with a transparent film. This means that the label has a very large area for information in several languages and can be easily opened and resealed again or removed if necessary. 

Do you want to know more? Read more about our booklet wrap-around labels on the data sheet.

Hanger labels

Hanger labels are used as a suspension device for transfusion, infusion and injection bottles in hospitals. They also offer enough space for extensive information, for example work instructions in various languages. 

Find out more about hanger labels here.

Labels with security features

Counterfeit products cause serious financial damage to the pharma and healthcare industry. Substandard imitations also pose a major health risk for patients, especially when it comes to prescription and high-risk medication.

Here you can find out more about how you can equip your labels with security features for unambiguous identification.

Finishing for pharma labels

Counterfeit products cause serious financial damage to the pharma and healthcare industry. Substandard imitations also pose a major health risk for patients, especially when it comes to prescription and high-risk medication.

You can find out more about how to tamper-proof your labels in line with the EU serialisation directive of February 2019 here.

Finishing for pharma labels

After printing, there are many options for finishing labels so that they have the required characteristics. Whether it’s improving attractiveness for over-the-counter products, or ensuring that the labels last longer. We have the right finishing option for your product!

Find out more about our finishing options.


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