Protection against counterfeiting and tampering

The purpose of tamper-evident labels is to seal primary and secondary packaging and show whether it has already been opened. This protection has been mandatory for prescription drugs in the EU since 2019. The labels are applied over the tuck-in flap of folding cartons and affixed to bottles, jars and boxes. They can include perforation to make opening easier. We also offer special tamper-evident labels for other kinds of containers.

Our tamper-evident labels have strong adhesives that make it hard to remove them without leaving a trace. Any attempt immediately becomes visible. To ensure that these labels work properly for you, we test them in combination with the material and finish used for your packages. In this way you can be sure that your products comply with the European directive.

Void labels serve a similar purpose. When they are removed, the adhesive part remains on the carton, leaving a checkerboard pattern or the word “Void”. Users can easily see that the package has been opened.

The face stock of tamper-evident labels is generally made of transparent or silver polypropylene film. Tamper-evident labels and void labels can withstand temperatures between -30° C and +80° C and are highly resistant to light and aging. Thus they are reliable and long-lasting. On request, we can also equip labels with additional security features  like perforations or microtext.


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