Together for compliance with our standards

A corporate culture geared towards sustainability and a business model that respects the well-being and health of people and the environment are important. In addition, effective systems are needed to ensure compliance with these standards. Through our organisational structure and robust governance, we do everything we can to ensure full legal compliance in our operations. In addition, we also ensure compliance with the ethical framework we have set for ourselves.

Governance structure

Effective corporate governance is a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy. We believe that strong governance structures enable us to make informed decisions, manage risks and align our business practices with our sustainability goals. Compliance with relevant laws, regulations and industry standards are an integral part of our approach to sustainability. We recognise that compliance with these requirements not only secures our legal and ethical standing, but also drives continuous improvement in our sustainability performance. 


Our sustainability network

We recognise that sustainability is a complex and constantly evolving challenge that requires a collaborative and flexible approach. To harness the collective intelligence (WeQ) and expertise of our employees, we have established a Sustainability Network. This network serves as a platform to foster innovation, share knowledge and promote meaningful change towards sustainability. By leveraging the principles of agility, we empower our employees to actively contribute to our sustainability journey and manage the complexity of sustainability in a dynamic business environment.

As a result, we have established seven cross-functional teams to address sustainability:

  • Team Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)
  • Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) Team
  • Governance and Compliance Team
  • Team People
  • Team ESG Communications
  • Team External Services
  • Innovation Team
Managing the complexity of sustainability through agile collaboration

Our sustainability network is a community of dedicated employees from different departments around the world, including manufacturing, design, supply chain, marketing and more. This network serves as a hub for employees to come together, share ideas and collectively drive sustainable initiatives within the company. Key principles of the sustainability network include:

Cross-functional collaboration: The network brings together different perspectives and expertise from different departments. By fostering collaboration, innovation is stimulated, knowledge sharing is facilitated and comprehensive solutions to sustainability challenges are developed.

Agile framework: We have adopted an agile framework to enable rapid adaptation and response to evolving sustainability needs. Agile principles such as iterative planning, continuous improvement and flexibility help us manage the complexity of sustainability with agility, resilience and adaptability.

Knowledge sharing and learning: The network serves as a platform for sharing best practices, success stories and experiences. It encourages open dialogue and fosters a culture of continuous learning where employees can expand their knowledge of sustainability and inspire each other.

The Faller Packaging Sustainability Network embodies our commitment to collective action and agile collaboration in the pursuit of sustainability. By harnessing the expertise, creativity and commitment of our people, we are harnessing the power of our organisation to effectively navigate the complexities of sustainability. Together, we are shaping a more sustainable future for Faller Packaging, our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

Whistleblowers and social dialogue

We place great value on transparency and open and fair dialogue. To ensure that employees and stakeholders can report ethical violations freely and without concern, we have established an anonymous, easy-to-use reporting platform. This secure and confidential system allows individuals to report incidents 100% anonymously. In doing so, we promote a culture of accountability within the company and a safe space for reporting areas for improvement.
The legal details of our reporting system can be found here.

Here you can enter a process into our reporting procedure


Key features of our reporting process:

  • Confidential and anonymous: the platform ensures that your identity remains unknown if you wish. All content is treated confidentially. This also applies to your identity, should you wish to provide it.
  • Accessible and simple: The reporting platform is easily accessible via all browsers and offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the reporting process.
  • Independent and consistent: Reports submitted through the platform are thoroughly investigated by an independent team. Appropriate action is taken to address the issues raised. You will be kept informed of the progress of the procedure.
  • We value your report: People who report ethical violations or breaches of the law provide us with an important service. Those who report in good faith do not have to expect adverse consequences.


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Kerstin Löffler is Vice President Marketing & Corporate Communications
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