Patient communication via interactive packaging

The Internet of Things (IOT) is also entering the pharmaceutical sector. With QR-Codes and wireless technologies such as RFID / NFC and Bluetooth can be used to establish new communication channels with the patient while simultaneously analysing data on their behaviour. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has already relaxed the regulations regarding leaflets for medicinal products and in some cases prescriptions can be ordered from the doctor online.

Faller Packaging offers possible solutions, which go beyond printing QR-Codes or dispensing RFID / NFC labels!

With smart technologies, you can offer patients supplements with real added-value and provide detailed, tailored information. Discover the world of smart packaging!

Folding carton with NFC-Chip

Near Field Communication is an enhancement of RFID Technology. In contrast to RFID there is one standard for all industries. The chip can be read with any smartphone (except iPhone) and used for marketing and security purposes. Every chip has a unique identifier and is therefore forgery proof.

The NFC technology is already in use for payment and authentification purposes.

Folding carton with integrated video screen

Secondary pharmaceutical packaging offers a variety of options for supporting patient communication. Thus, for example, by means of a built-in screen videos on the correct intake or application of the drugs are considered.

The patient can be provided with such important additional information that supports compliance, which, in contrast to written text, has a more effective impact.

Folding carton with integrated sound module

You are surely familiar from greeting cards with language modules integrated into the packaging. Then why not incorporate them in pharmaceutical packaging as well?

The most important information on taking the medication, the contraindications and side effects can be conveniently read out loud for the blind, the visually impaired, and even the 98% of those who do not wish to read the leaflet.

Folding carton with medication card

Pharmaceutical secondary packaging offers many possibilities for supporting patient communication. For example, a built-in screen can be used to watch videos on the proper intake or use of the medications.

The patient can thus be provided with important information that also aids compliance, which is more effective than written text.

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