Pharmaceutical labels are getting smart

One of the most important tasks of pharmaceutical labels is the transmission of information. In the meantime, there are various technologies on the market to convey more information, to make pharmaceutical labels proverbially "intelligent".

The process of our Smart Labels is based on printable sensors. These provide a change indication when exposed to certain influencing factors. The technology of our smart labels is currently either thermochromic (temperature-sensitive) or photochromic (light-sensitive). 

Benefits of our Smart Labels

  • Reliable and fail-safe:
    The way our smart labels (chemical sensors/microcapsules) work is very simple compared to complex technologies and therefore very reliable. It does not require any additional systems, such as for the use of NFC or RFID processes.
  • The sensor technology is printable:
    It is applied to the label during production. You can therefore rely on the usual Faller Packaging standard of quality and machine runability of our pharmaceutical labels.  
  • Easy for patients to understand and handle:
    Smart Labels support the intuitive use of your product for self-medication by the patient. 
  • Cost-effective:
    Compared to other technologies such as NFC chips or e-paper displays, our pharmaceutical labels with printable sensor technology offer a clear cost advantage.
  • Flexible in design:
    Printable sensor technology offers endless design and layout possibilities.

Additional benefits for users and pharmaceutical manufacturers

For example from the area of compliance
  • Increased safety in the use of the medicinal product
  • Indication of drug spoilage, for example due to improper storage of medicines requiring refrigeration
  • Optimal use of the available communication space on the label
  • Competitive advantage: your medicinal product is clearly distinguishable from your competitors
For example from the convenience sector
  • Support for intuitive use of medicines
  • Patients are supported in self-medication, the application becomes easier for them.
  • Consumers can interact with the medicine
  • The medicinal product has a clear added value for the user

Smart Labels

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