Faller Packaging offers special pharmaceutical labels for low temperatures

Packaging specialist Faller Packaging offers special labels for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries which are suitable for use in extremely low temperatures. These labels ensure that important information accompanying the product remains legible during storage and transportation – for example in the case of the urgently needed COVID-19 vaccines.

Ensuring the global supply of the newly developed vaccines against the coronavirus, or SARS-CoV-2, is currently the main issue dominating the pharmaceutical industry. For these vaccines to arrive at their destinations safely and effectively, they must be stored and transported at particularly low temperatures. Here, it is not only the vials for containing the vaccines that need to be suited to such extreme conditions – but also all the other packaging components, for example labels.

It is for this reason that Faller Packaging, provider of packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, includes special temperature-resistant labels within its product portfolio. The face stock of these labels is made from a polypropylene (PP) film that easily withstands temperatures ranging from -196° C to +120° C. The adhesive is also designed in such a way that it can be applied at room temperature but continue to serve its purpose in extremely cold conditions. What’s more, it has been tested in accordance with DIN ISO 3826 and approved for indirect contact with foodstuffs as per FDA 175.105. The labels adhere to glass containers, plastic containers, steel plates and plastic plates, and can also be applied to vials with narrow radii. They are suitable for standard labelling machines, but can also be applied by hand.

This makes Faller Packaging’s temperature-resistant labels ideal for labelling COVID-19 vaccines and sterile medications, as well as for a range of other applications, for example in the field of cryogenics. Pharmaceutical manufacturers benefit from secure, durable labels which, among other things, enable reliable batch traceability and help avoid usage errors. The labels can even be printed retroactively via thermal transfer. The material from which they are made also exhibits high levels of resistance against a variety of chemicals.

Interested parties can order free samples of our temperature-resistant labels:

Order label samples for Covid-19 vaccines

What’s more, as a full-service provider, Faller Packaging supports pharmaceutical manufacturers with tailor-made, multi-component packaging comprising folding cartons, pharmaceutical labels and package leaflets. These are not merely resistant to cold temperatures, they can also be recycled – making them environmentally friendly.



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