Carton board: A sustainable packaging material!

Pharmaceutical packaging and package insert from Faller Packaging are produced exclusively from carton board and paper. We have also developed solutions for our labels that do not require the usual film lamination and are 100% recyclable. 

More than half of all European consumers consider cardboard and paper as the most sustainable packaging material alongside glass, plastic and metal (Pro Carton study). In addition to the origin of the materials, disposal or recycling is also a crucial factor. After all, most packaging is only used once and for a short time. It is worth taking a closer look at the life cycle assessment of the various materials. 


Cardboard origin

The fibres obtained from wood for the production of cardboard originate exclusively from sustainable and largely certified forestry. No tropical rain forests are destroyed, but rather small-diameter wood and sawmill by-products from European forests are used.  As a result, Europe’s forest areas are not shrinking, but instead growing – by an area equivalent to around 1,500 football pitches a day. (Source: Pro Carton)



Cardboard and paper can be recycled many times over!

The entire European paper industry uses 87% renewable raw materials, 46% of which are recycled paper fibres and 40% fresh groundwood. 90% of the wood comes from the European Union, 60% from forests certified as sustainable by independent third parties. (Source: Pro Carton)




Decomposition of packaging materials in the environment

In Europe, 87% of all paper and cardboard packaging is recycled. 82% of the waste collected on European beaches is plastic, according to the European Environment Agency, but only 2% is paper or cardboard. Paper-based packaging, once released into the environment, can degrade within months, while plastics take decades or even centuries to break down. (Source: Pro Carton)


You can find all the information summarised in our OnePager "If packed, then sustainable".


We pack sustainably
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