A few words on the current crisis from Dr. Daniel Keesman

We are all feeling the dramatic effects of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus CoVid 19, now reminiscent of Dante Alighieri's Inferno.

As Executive Managing Partner of the Faller Packaging Group, it is my duty and responsibility, together with our entire management team, to maintain the health of our employees and contain the further spread of the virus. Read more

We are Faller Packaging

We have planned a lot for the future: Together with our partners, we want to redesign the packaging and supply chain of medical products.

For this reason, we at Faller Packaging have developed a wide range of options to meet the market's requirements for pharmaceutical secondary packaging.

If you would like to know what we mean by this, take a look at our video.

Cardboard instead of plastic

Conventional packaging concepts usually include inserts made of plastic. Faller Packaging offers the solution - an ecological packaging with inserts made of recyclable cardboard.

Find out more about our wide range of possibilities.



How can efficiencies within the supply chain be optimised? How can the functionality of pharmapackaging be improved even further? What can be done to guarantee complete safety? 

Find out all the possibilities and solutions with our interactive 3D application

Customised Packaging: Individual - Convenient - Sustainable

Do you have products that require special packaging?

For example, fragile components (vials, ampoules, syringes) that have to be secured individually and protected from breakage.

Or do you want to combine several products and components in one folding carton?

No matter what your plans are: our engineers are specialised in developing the perfect packaging solution for you.


Faller Packaging launches digital folding carton production with subsidiary PackEx!

Here you can find out more about PackEx and how you as a Faller customer can also order from PackEx.

Faller Packaging

Moving healthcare. Moving you.
Here at Faller Packaging, we see to it that healthcare is more easily accessible.

We know the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and its complex requirements when it comes to pack solutions. As a leading solution provider for all needs relating to pharmaceutical packaging, we specialise in fulfilling these reliably and efficiently. In doing so we draw on in-depth knowledge within the company as well as our international production network.


Faller Packaging wins the German Innovation Award for the "Smart Packaging" Solution Medical Prescription!

Intelligent, interactive pharmaceutical packaging with integrated electronics can improve compliance and help patients handle their medication intake more easily. With the smart packaging solution Medical Prescription, Faller Packaging has developed a digitised folding carton together with Avnet Integrated that supports a patient’s compliance when taking medication. Read more about the product.



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