We do everything we can to avoid illegality and legal violations in order to live up to our social, ecological and economic responsibility.

However, should an illegality or legal violation occur, our employees and external third parties have access to an anonymous and protected whistleblowing system. In addition to the whistleblowing system, employees and external third parties have the option of establishing personal contact via the contact form.

TO THE Whistleblower System


Information for the whistleblower

This protected page is not part of the Faller Packaging website or intranet.



The person providing the information is required to report only those complaints and information about which he or she is in good faith as to the accuracy of the corresponding report.


  • Protection for whistleblowers

Via the digital whistleblowing system, you have the option of submitting your report anonymously or by providing your contact details. Confidentiality will be maintained in any case.

Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed even if information is exchanged via the digital whistleblower system. The connection to the system is encrypted so that unauthorised third parties cannot access it.

If you wish to contact us personally, please use our contact form with your personal details, address and contact on our homepage. Your personal details will then be disclosed to the processing office within the company.

Due to the obligation of confidentiality and anonymity, the responsible executives or the management cannot be forced to inspect the case. This also applies to agencies or other employees who are called in to process the case.

Irrespective of the reporting procedure, we do not accept any form of reprisals or disciplinary measures against those persons who report information to us. This also applies if reports prove to be unjustified upon closer examination.

We prefer an appreciative and trusting approach in the company. The manager should be the first person of trust in the event of irregularities, breaches of rules or legal violations in the company. If the company does not fulfil its obligations in this sense, employees are free to provide information via the digital whistleblowing system or to request personal contact.


  • Case handling

After receiving a tip, the person in charge of the case will first assess whether it is a legal violation, misconduct or a vulnerability in order to subsequently initiate appropriate measures to deal with the case. Both internal and external agencies may be involved in this process.


  • Communication

In connection with a tip-off, you may be asked questions that are necessary to clarify the facts of the case and which are made anonymously via the tip-off system.
If you wish to have personal contact, this can also be established while maintaining confidentiality.


  • Possibility of viewing the case

Via the digital whistleblower system, you can view the status of your case at any time and contact the person in charge of the case. Please note that due to deputisation arrangements, the case handler may change, which has no influence on the processing of the case, confidentiality or anonymity as such.


  • Possibility of submitting information, images or files retrospectively

Information, images or files can be submitted subsequently and in addition.  

Please note that images may contain hidden information, so-called meta data. This information may include details of the person taking the picture, the date or the place where the picture was taken. In order to preserve anonymity, you should delete this information before submitting it to the whistleblower system.


  • Closing information

If a case is closed, information about it can be sent to you at your request.


  • Documentation retention and deletion

The permissible storage and deletion periods are complied with in accordance with the legal requirements of the Data and Whistleblower Protection Act.

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