Express production of folding packages in small and very small batches

The demand for small batches in the packaging market is continually rising. At the same time, product lifecycles are becoming shorter and shorter. This requires speed and flexibility on the part of manufacturers. The procurement of folding cartons through conventional channels usually takes many weeks, and with small batches it can also be inordinately expensive. Faller Packaging has remedied this by establishing a subsidiary, PackEx.

PackEx specialises in the production of folding cartons in small and minimal quantities. The company uses digital technologies and has introduced a unique business model.

It complies with all applicable GMP guidelines, and it has been audited and certified as a supplier by Faller Packaging as well as a number of international pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Your advantages with PackEx:
  • Needs-based production of folding cartons of batch size 1 and upwards
  • Delivery within 72 hours
  • Significantly lower production and storage costs
  • Maximum availability
  • A wide range of options for individualisation, personalisation and serialisation
Order small series from PackEx:


You enter your order online through a simple procedure at the B2B portal, which also serves as a virtual warehouse. The products are digitally available in the cloud instead of being physically stored in a building. Jobs are printed digitally or in an offset process with a seven-colour system. Then the cartons are laser-cut in a fast and highly flexible production process. PackEx adds information in Braille by means of a digital process that is unmatched anywhere in the world. This considerably reduces production costs and setup times.

A video-based quality assurance system checks each carton and rejects defective products. The folding cartons, packed in custom-manufactured shipping boxes, are delivered to you by parcel service in just a few days. This method is faster and less complicated than the usual transport on pallets – and it also involves lower CO2 emissions.

Order small series from Faller Packaging:


Customers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries can also get various service packages for folding cartons from PackEx. The ordering process runs almost as usual – only faster. Your permanent contact at Faller Packaging takes care of your needs and you don’t have to worry about additional supplier certifications or audits. PackEx is a certified sub-supplier of Faller.

You can choose from the following service packages:

  • Admin Package: Order service, basic logistics, shipping and invoicing
  • Logistics Package: Outer packaging, palletising and labelling
  • Quality Package: Additional quality inspection (random checks)

Take advantage of this chance to reduce your effort and obtain top-quality products – with extremely fast deliveries and at low cost. 

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