A large amount of information in a very small space

Multi-page labels offer a particularly generous amount of space for information in compact dimensions. The possibilities include product features, details of clinical studies, advertising messages and descriptions in several languages. A combination of label and package insert, they are available in two versions: as a booklet label in brochure form and as a folded leaflet label. Both kinds can be attached to glass, plastic, paper and cardboard surfaces on folding cartons, bottles or jars. They can be either permanently glued or removable. Faller Packaging can also supply resealable versions of these labels if required.


Booklet labels can contain 2 to 32 pages. The inner section, made of paper, is combined with adhesive materials that can be freely chosen. The pages are usually laminated with a plastic film. However, Faller Packaging has also developed an environmentally friendly version that isn’t laminated, which means that it is 100% recyclable. The labels are available with or without perforation, with removable pages and with various opening options. The part labels can be removable, and variable data can easily be printed on the base label or laminate surface. We can also print information in Braille on the title page on request.



Product Fiche - Booklet wrap-around label
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Product Fiche - Multipage labels
140 KB  /  pdf
Product Fiche- Multipage label with detachable label part
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Product Fiche - Multipage without laminate
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Product Fiche - TEAM label
162 KB  /  pdf
Whitepaper - Expanded areas for communication
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