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Faller Packaging offers pharmacists packaging from the standard solution through to the sophisticated special designs for almost all liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. For example, we are developing mono-material packaging for ampoules or syringes and folding cartons with compartments for challenging applications. As you can see, our innovative development team is always at the cutting edge of the current legislative guidelines and test methods for packaging.


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A smart folding carton construction

  • Mechanically product protection for punch, drop at transportation or storage, against pressure through separate chambers with tight engaged product
  • Ergonomical removal of the product out of the inlay (inlay is fixed in reclosable folding carton)
  • Format-flexible packaging at conventional horizontal cartoning machines
  • Shapely, optically appealing and recyclable ecological mono-package (use of carton means waiver of plastic inlays)
  • Possibility of adjuncts, as leaflets, booklets, outserts und pre-folded adhesive labels, from the role or sheet and also adjuncts, as shots, needles or pipettes etc.
  • Track und Trace can be integrated as a complete unit in the production line
  • Both components, folding carton and inlayer, are produced at Faller (product handling is a compact unit)

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