Pharmaceutical packaging is starting to think

Pharmaceutical packaging is starting to think

Communication on pharmaceutical packaging is becoming increasingly digital. Smart packaging solutions are enabling detailed, interactive communication between pharmaceutical manufacturers, doctors, pharmacists and patients. In this way packaging is helping patients to take their medicine properly and is bringing improvements in compliance and convenience.

Smart packaging makes use of integrated technologies to provide valuable additional functions. Acoustic and visual signals remind users to take their medicine regularly and to apply for new prescriptions in good time. With the help of an app and via Bluetooth, doctors and pharmacists can transfer individual prescriptions to folding cartons. Displays can show the level of liquids in opaque bottles, making it easier and safer for patients to handle their medication.

Faller Packaging has already implemented various prototypes of smart pharmaceutical packaging. It is building on this experience to take greater advantage of the potential of smart packaging in the future. A particular goal is to create solutions for special requirements.

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