More space for information on packaging

Multi-layer labels are ideal for accommodating large amounts of text and information on packaging. They can be attached to folding cartons, bottles, boxes and wallets of all kinds and are available in various types.

For example, Faller Packaging offers information labels with three or five pages. They consist of two or three layers of adhesive material. Depending on the requirements, the pages can adhere statically or by means of an adhesive. This makes them easy to open and close.


Fanfolded labels are another option. Their five pages can be opened and closed with a simple pull for easy handling. These labels can be applied to flat or round containers with diameters of at least 50 millimetres.



Product Fiche - Info label
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Product Fiche - Lepo-Label
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Material for multi-layer labels

Multi-layer labels are available in both PP and PO film. They can also be combined with detachable part labels for documentation purposes, and variable data can be printed on them. These labels are an effective answer to the acute lack of space on pharmaceutical packaging, which is caused by an increasing need for information.


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