Proven packaging solutions for pharmaceutical and medical products

Folding cartons come in many different kinds, and they have proved their usefulness in a wide range of applications. The most common types are defined in the ECMA Code of the European Carton Makers Association. Faller Packaging offers you a wide selection of standardised folding cartons, all of which meet the strict requirements of the German Medicinal Products Act, the GMP guidelines and FDA requirements. Your choices include variants with the ECMA Codes A1xxx, A2xxx and A5xxx.

Standard folding cartons are usually glued on a flap that runs along the longitudinal join. At the bottom they are securely closed by means of tuck-in flaps or hooked bottom flaps.

Savings potential

Standard folding cartons take up very little space when flat. This saves costs in storage and transport. They can be easily and quickly folded into shape, either manually or by automatic machinery. This makes them practical and economical packaging solutions for a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical products. 


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