Versatile information carriers for pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical labels are an important component of packaging for pharmaceutical and healthcare products. They are used on primary packaging like bottles, blister packs, syringes and vials, as well as on secondary packaging like folding cartons and on package inserts. They have a number of different tasks to perform. Doctors, pharmacists and patients rely on them for important information on correct dosage, shelf life and risks. At the point of sale, they increase the attractiveness of over-the-counter products, helping to boost sales. Equipped with batch numbers and serialised codes, they help pharmaceutical manufacturers make their processes transparent and traceable and protect their products against counterfeiting. Tamper-evident labels reliably show whether a package has been opened.

Faller Packaging offers labels in a wide range of types and formats to meet these and other requirements: simple labels, multi-page booklet labels, folded leaflet labels, permanent labels, removable labels, flexible and pliable labels or sturdy and durable labels. We also offer optimum solutions for various substrates like glass, plastic, cardboard and metal. We’ll supply pharmaceutical labels that are custom-made for your application, with exactly the right characteristics.

Whitepaper - Pharma labels: All-rounder for high requirements
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