Megatrends and their impact on the pharmaceutical industry

The future of the pharmaceutical industry is very much characterised by acceleration: New therapies and dosage forms are being developed and brought to market ever faster. The following topics are mainly driving this rapid transformation:

  • Modern biotechnology: Biological preparations have a decisive influence on numerous medical disciplines 

  • Effects of COVID-19: New technologies and prioritisation of all approval and authorisation procedures make enormous acceleration possible 

  • Rare diseases: Political and social will to improve medical care for people with rare diseases 

  • Personalised medicine: Improved performance of the healthcare system through personalised medicine

Each issue already increases the complexity of medicine production. Taken as a whole, complexity is increasing exponentially. This requires all market players to wisely combine proven and modern processes and product solutions. 

See more information on the megatrends and their impact on the pharmaceutical industry in this video:

Recording "Trends in the pharmaceutical industry"

Modern requirements for secondary packaging in the pharmaceutical industry

The above trends result in the following five requirements for modern secondary packaging for pharmaceuticals:

  • Eco-friendly: Recyclable mono packaging for a sustainable future
  • Flexible: Modular design with product-adapted inlays for primary packaging
  • Tailor-made: Customised packaging solutions according to your needs
  • Efficient: All essential secondary packaging components from a single source
  • Compliant: With all requirements for pharma secondary packaging
Flexible: Modular packaging design

To improve flexibility in the packaging process, we have developed a modular packaging concept. The packaging adapts smoothly to the respective phase in the product life cycle.

For easy machinability, we use one pack size. With different inlays, which are inserted by side-loading, we cover the requirements of the different phases. Using a vaccine as an example, this could look like this: 

  • Introduction Phase: In this early market phase, the drug is filled in vials (multi-dosage) and delivered to the user due to the speed to market.
  • Health Care System Phase: In this market phase, the products are made available ready-filled in syringes (single dosage) for use in the health care sector.
  • Home Care Phase: In this market phase, the product and the market are so mature that patients can conveniently use the product themselves via pen (single dosage).

Order your product sample set now

You can take a closer look at the modular packaging concept yourself: We have created the "Eco Flex Box" product sample set for you, which you can conveniently order here:

Request Eco Flex Box

Tailor-made: Customised packaging solutions for your requirements

We design packaging solutions that are tailored to your needs:

  • Drug-specific requirements: For example, for vaccines or the ELISA test. 
  • Cardboard instead of plastic: Plastic inserts can be replaced by recyclable cardboard inserts. This gives you packaging made of 100% mono-material.
  • Space-saving packaging: Precisely fitting designs help you to reduce your costs by making optimum use of space during transport and storage.
  • Reliable product protection: Optimally adapted compartments with separate chambers and height compensation for separation and clear fixing protect your products from falling, pressure, and breakage at all times.

You can find more information about our special constructions here:

customised packaging solutions 

Sustainable: use of recyclable mono-material packaging

In addition to fibre-based mono-material packaging, sustainable, 100% recyclable pharmaceutical packaging also involves the use of sustainable inks and coatings. The Cradle to Cradle® principle applies to these:

  • they are free of toxic heavy metal compounds
  • they are produced sustainably: based on renewable raw materials, free of mineral oils or aromatic solvents



  • do without plastic
  • are biodegradable and recyclable
  • have precisely fitting inserts for optimum product protection
  • are dimensionally stable
  • offer a space-saving pack size
  • are made from the renewable raw material cardboard


More information about our sustainable activities:

Faller Packaging sustainability

Compliance with all legal regulations as an elementary

In the pharmaceutical market, conformity plays a decisive role. We have the right solutions for you for all important aspects:

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