Cost-effective and reliable throughout the entire product lifecycle

After introducing a new medication to the market, it is always a challenge for pharmaceutical manufacturers to calculate production capacities without incurring economic losses.

With support from machine manufacturer Schubert-Pharma and packaging specialist Faller Packaging, manufacturers now have two strong partners whose solutions can help minimise investment risk: With the right packaging, biopharmaceuticals can be produced reliably, efficiently and in the highest quality throughout the entire product lifecycle – thanks to solutions ranging from manual packaging to fully automated top-loading lines.

For a faster market entry after approval

To obtain approval for a new medication, pharmaceutical manufacturers have to provide packaging that meets all regulatory requirements. And when it comes to market launches, every day counts. The sooner a product is available everywhere, the sooner patients will benefit and the high development costs can begin to pay off.

However, pharmaceutical production has to be adapted quickly to increasing demand.

Manually loaded packaging may be sufficient in the beginning, but a solution that can be automated is needed as quickly as possible following a successful launch. Many months can pass before a new approval with a machine-compatible packaging and the commissioning of a new line. On the other hand, manufacturers who build up a high production capacity even before the launch take on a significant investment risk. 

Twofold expertise with Faller and Schubert

With the right partners, this challenge can be turned into an economic benefit:

Faller Packaging and Schubert-Pharma can support manufacturers from the Clinical Trial Phase 3 onwards – with a customised packaging solution which is already designed for the entire product lifecycle. This eliminates the need to change the format of the packaging at a later date.

Karin Kleinbach, Sales Director at Schubert-Pharma, explains: “Our customers benefit from seamless service for every level of automation, from launch to series production.” 

The right solution for manual to fully automated packaging

Together with their customers, the experts from Faller and Schubert-Pharma develop pharma-compliant, fully recyclable carton packaging for all parenterals and a wide variety of dosage forms such as vials, ampoules, syringes, medical devices or combination products. The partners design and implement top-loading packaging processes that range from manual to fully automated. Faller’s PrePackaging Service is available to bridge machine delivery times and for smaller quantities:

  • With the delivery of pre-assembled pharmaceutical packaging, manual filling is possible at the customer’s site.
  • For medium packaging volumes, manufacturers can partially automate filling using Schubert’s mobile cobots.
  • For full automation, Schubert-Pharma develops customised and highly reliable top-loading packaging lines in compliance with international standards.

Include packaging materials early in the development of a new medicine

The more closely the machine and packaging are matched to each other, the more efficient and reliable the automated packaging process becomes.

“This is why it is so important to plan the packaging materials – i.e. folding box, leaflet and adhesive label – at an early stage in the development of a new medication,” explains Kerstin Löffler, Vice President Marketing at Faller.

With this approach, pharmaceutical manufacturers, together with Faller and Schubert-Pharma, can not only shorten time-to-market, but also package their products more reliably and cost-effectively throughout the entire product lifecycle. 

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