The new data logger generation

Market standard data logger solutions are prone to various weak spots. The investment is measured by the effect, which is not always cost efficient. This means that, for example, the secure analysis of the temperature level is only possible by monitoring the individual packaging. This is mostly inhibited by the data logger format, which is why container or pallet loggers have predominantly been used to date. Additional factors include the limited battery life at a maximum of one year, as well as labour-intensive return processes, which generate additional costs.

The TT Sensor Plus™2 offers you new possibilities in temperature monitoring.

Miniature format, great effect

The miniature temperature data logger (68 x 26 x 3.5 mm) can be attached directly to the packaging or placed alongside it. This enables the monitoring of every individual folding carton across a time period of three years - all thanks to a battery service life unique on the market to date. With the TT Sensor Plus™2 as a one-time solution, labour-intensive return processes and therefore additional costs can be avoided.


Smart solution, straightforward handling

The TT Sensor Plus™2 offers more than just a “normal” data logger. It enables comprehensive data handling as a smart holistic solution. The data, which is stored in an NFC chip containing up to 150,000 data points, can be tracked anywhere and at any time via smart phone or computer with the help of the Cloud solution. This means that the sensor delivers sound long-term analyses across the entire supply chain, in addition to the latest temperature data. It also gives you the possibility of identifying potential areas for optimisation in your supply chain and thus increase cost efficiency.


Versatile applicaton

The TT Sensor Plus™2 allows for a variable application, tailored to your product: integrated into the folding carton design, combined with a multipage label or even separately as a self-adhesive card for fixing directly on the packaging.


Compelling facts
  • Storage capacity > NFC microchip with up to 100,000 data points
  • Temperature range > -20° C/+70º C
  • Measurement accuracy > +/- 0.3ºC from 0°c to +40°c (+/- 0.5°C for the rest of temperature range)
  • FDA-compliant > FDA CRF21 Part 11
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Account Manager Dieter Nopper
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