Faller Packaging delivered 10,000 folding boxes for urgently-needed medicine – in just three days.

Faller Packaging delivered 10,000 folding boxes for urgently-needed medicine – in just three days.

June 2019, Waldkirch. Summertime is wasp season – and it's a worrying time for people who are allergic to the poison of these striped sting carriers. If an allergic reaction or even anaphylactic shock occurs after a wasp sting, special liquid medicines promise relief. In the summer of 2018, for some unknown reasons, a dangerous supply bottleneck suddenly threatened the market and Pohl-Boskamp, a manufacturer of wasp sting allergy medication, was asked to make its drug Okrido available as quickly as possible.

On a Thursday afternoon in the summer of 2018, August Faller, a pharmaceutical packaging specialist based in Waldkirch, Germany, received an emergency call from the pharmaceutical company G. Pohl-Boskamp – they needed 10,000 folding cartons urgently to deliver their special drug Okrido as quickly as possible. Okrido was in stock – but the impending bottleneck meant that the delivery process had to be accelerated and brought forward. The folding cartons had already been ordered, but delivery was scheduled to take place two weeks later. August Faller reacted quickly – and with great commitment – to produce and deliver the cartons earlier.

The packaging specialist set all the wheels in motion, changing its order planning and getting its production team to put in an extra weekend shift. On Tuesday morning, the finished packaging was ready at the G. PohlBoskamp factory in Hohenlockstedt in Schleswig-Holstein, 850 kilometres distant – to the relief and satisfaction of the customer. Faller's rapid response and the commitment of the entire team helped the manufacturer to bring a much-needed drug quickly to patients, preventing the potentially-dangerous supply bottleneck.


Fast help after a wasp sting
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