Faller Packaging’s Sustainable Packaging Service supports its customers on their way to sustainability

The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions. The European Green Deal stipulates that EU member states must modify and prioritise their climate plans. This deal affects all sectors – including the pharmaceutical industry. But how can this succeed? Faller Packaging’s Sustainable Packaging Service offers a concept to support customers in switching to sustainable secondary packaging materials – significantly reducing the CO2 footprint of packaging.

Packaging must fulfil many purposes. It protects and identifies the contents and facilitates handling. It should also be sustainable. Faller Packaging is the pharmaceutical industry’s specialist for folding cartons, labels and leaflets. The company’s new Sustainable Packaging Service supports its customers in the use of recyclable packaging, setting the route towards a closed loop system.

The packaging experts accompany their customers from the initial idea to the finished product and throughout the entire development process. Together, they analyse the individual requirements for the properties of the secondary packaging and advise the users on how these requirements can be met. This holistic approach results in a future-proof, sustainable solution.


Redesign – Reduce – Recycle
Faller Packaging relies on the 3R principles to achieve its sustainability goals: Redesign – Reduce – Recycle. In this way, the company repeatedly puts established processes to the test. How can packaging materials be replaced by more sustainable ones? How can production be optimised to reduce the use of energy and raw materials? And how can packaging be recycled efficiently?

Faller Packaging relies on recyclable materials such as cardboard and paper for its folding cartons, inlays and leaflets. The company has also developed solutions for labels that dispense with the usual film laminations and are 100 percent recyclable. Faller Packaging’s declared goal is a climate-neutral value chain. The pharmaceutical industry profits from these customised, flexible, environmentally friendly packaging concepts.

Close cooperation with mechanical engineering
Faller Packaging guarantees that the packaging materials are machine-compatible and will run smoothly within the packaging process. This avoids faulty batches. Working together with system and equipment manufacturers, the packaging specialist integrates the products into the machinery of the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can thus concentrate on their core business and let the experts at Faller Packaging devise a sustainable packaging solution.

Optimal design of packaging materials
Sustainability also includes the optimal use of materials. The aim is to use as few raw materials as possible and to avoid hollow spaces, for instance. This is why Faller Packaging is continuously working on new solutions and designs. The materials must also be easily recyclable, so Faller Packaging’s inlays are made of cardboard or injection-moulded paper, making them easier to recycle than their plastic counterparts.

Closed recycling loop
When packaging sensitive biopharmaceuticals, the highest standards of quality, safety and product protection are essential. These requirements can also be realised as sustainable solutions. Faller Packaging uses certified inks and varnishes for printing. Paper and cardboard come from responsibly managed forests. Packaging materials consist of only one material, making it easy to close the recycling loop.

Climate-neutral value chain
Faller Packaging relies on a Digital Supply Chain (DSC) that makes sustainable deliveries possible: Data-based forecasting and supply chain planning minimise the number of shipments and prevent the destruction of surplus goods.

Strong together
This holistic approach enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to focus entirely on their core business and also operate sustainably. As an expert in sustainability, Faller Packaging helps companies become resource-saving, efficient and sustainable. And for all those who want more: The company develops new solutions together with customers in workshops.

More information on the Sustainable Packaging Service on our website.

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Niklas Mößner is a product manager and expert on the topic of sustainability in packaging
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