Customer behavior is changing - what to do?

Customer behavior is changing - what to do?

With the beginning of the corona pandemic, the over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical market is experiencing a high degree of volatility.

The strong fluctuations in sales and the strengthening of online mail order companies intensify the challenge for all pharmacists: Consistent multi-channel communication in all offline and online channels.


Added values illustrate customer benefits 

Here it is worth taking a look at the FMCG industry: In this market, manufacturers have long been working successfully with added value for their products. The advantage: added value equips a product with features that clearly set it apart from competing products. This attracts the consumer's attention to your product, which in turn has an effect on sales success.

The cost of the added value must not exceed the economic success of the additional sales. To meet this challenge, you need clever value-added ideas that you can implement for your products with little effort. If the product added value is a clear additional benefit for the consumer, you can add it to your communication mix with little effort. 

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Source market data: Healthcare Marketing Magazin

Added value example 1: The supplement

Added value example 1: The supplement

This tactic is all about offering your customers an added value that complements your product. This is where useful preventive health tips are particularly suitable, which you add to the product in the form of a leaflet. 

It can be practical exercises for a healthy back or similar. You advertise this supplement prominently with an attention-grabbing pharmaceutical label on the folding box - et voilà.

Further topics for a supplementary supplement can be:

  • Feeling good: How to keep a happiness diary
  • Nutrition diary: Your body needs these vitamins and trace elements daily
  • The 8 best Yoga exercises for the home office
  • The 12 best fascia exercises for the whole body

Added value example 2: The product bundle

Added value example 2: The product bundle

With this strategy, you combine two products into an unbeatable duo that stands out from the competition. To achieve this, you combine both products with a pharmaceutical label that can have very different characteristics, such as

  • 100% recyclable from mono-material: The pharma label can be printed with a promotion text that clearly emphasizes the added value. Disadvantage: The product text on the folding cartons is challenging to read.
  • Transparent & perforated: Here, the customer can read all product texts on the packaging easily. Disadvantage: the consumer benefit must be communicated elsewhere. 

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