The transport of sensitive pharmaceuticals

The transport of sensitive pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical secondary packaging plays a special role in GDP-compliant storage and transport of sensitive medications:

  • Reliable properties in various temperature ranges: -80°C / -20 - 0°C / 2 - 8°C / 15 - 25°C
  • Breakage and impact resistance
  • Counterfeit and tamper resistance through serialization and tamper evidence solutions
  • Protection from light

An example:

With a transport and storage temperature of a vaccine of -80°C, pharmacists require labels with special properties for labelling syringes and vials. These must not only withstand extreme minus temperatures, but also reliably retain their product characteristics at room temperature.

You benefit from our more than 30 years of pharmaceutical experience

You benefit from our more than 30 years of pharmaceutical experience

Syringes and vials for vaccines are usually transported and stored in special temperature ranges. All packaging components must be designed to meet this requirement. Especially in the case of pharmaceutical labels, very few materials can withstand the sometimes extreme conditions. 

We would be pleased to send you our sample labels so that you can convince yourself of the product properties of our pharmaceutical labels.

We will provide you with sample labels for the most common climatic conditions:

  • Material PP | Temperature range -196 to 120°C
  • Material PE | Temperature range -20 to 80°C




Pharmaceutical packaging for Covid-19 vaccines already finished

Pharmaceutical packaging for Covid-19 vaccines already finished

Rely on our more than 30 years of pharmaceutical expertise and use a previously developed packaging for your precious vaccines.

Your advantages:

  • Customized multi-component packaging (folding boxes, package inserts, pharmaceutical labels): temperature-resistant and recyclable 
  • Perfect machine runability and optimum packaging behavior
  • Package inserts for different needs
  • Accommodation of all components in the smallest possible space: optimal storage, good stackability
  • More space for information through printing on the inside
  • Tamper-evident protection with closure labels to meet legal requirements with Tamper Evident seals 
  • We are a system supplier of all packaging components: folding boxes, pharmaceutical labels, package inserts

Punctual delivery of all packaging components & reduced ordering effort

Thanks to our unique, Europe-wide production network, we offer you all packaging components from one source:


Your contact person for vaccine packaging

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