As part of International Women's Day, we regularly profile notable women from Faller Packaging.

Kerstin Löffler, Vice President Marketing & Corporate Communications,
tells us what always fascinates her about her job and which tips really help women on their way to senior management.

Why did you choose your profession?

After graduating from high school, I wanted to take up an advanced career in the police or border patrol. That was always my dream! However, that was destroyed by a colour weakness that is very rare among women.

As I have always been interested in media, communication and languages, I took the opportunity to study International Marketing at the DHBW (business studies as a basis). This also had the advantage that I earned money at the same time, was no longer on the parents' pocket ;-) and was independent.

What is your professional career?

After my dual studies at a textile company, I started at a company for special machinery. From there, I went on to Factory Automation, Process Autom. and now Packaging.

My opinion: "B2B" is super exciting. A great combination of fascinating technology, processes and of course, interdisciplinary management topics! Since the marketing sector is continuously developing anyway, it's never boring.

What motivates you in your everyday work?

I feel good when I can shape things and give direction.
It feels best when you achieve goals together as a team, when I see that employees enjoy their work and are motivated. I also love it when I can make people better.

Why did you choose Faller as your employer?

Well, it was several things. Firstly, it was an exciting job offer.
I knew Faller Packaging from marketing events, and it fascinated me that folding boxes can be so manifold!

And - when I went there for the first interview, I felt welcome right away. People I have hired in the meantime have told me very similar things. So there must be some truth to it.

Your advice to women who are interested in your profession?

Ladies: Senior management is still a man's world. But that is not an obstacle. We are bringing a different spirit to the collaboration.

Therefore: Don't be shy about leadership or management tasks. Just do it!

Tips? Build networks, stand out, read books (Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg) and get advice from other women.

Any questions?
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