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There is high demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions. In the pharmaceutical branch the topic of sustainability is also increasingly coming to the fore – many companies consider sustainable management to be a cornerstone of their company culture. This also applies to Faller Packaging: The specialist for pharmaceutical secondary packaging focuses on renewable resources and recyclable mono-material packaging.


Your Advantages

  • Recyclable in waste paper and biodegradable
  • No plastic tax
  • Customer appeal through sustainability
  • Low greenhouse potential value
  • Dimensionally stable, stackable & precisely fitting inserts for optimum product protection
  • Sealing with sustainable cellophane film possible
  • Suitable for sideloading and topopening systems

Sustainable raw material mix

Paper injection moulding is a sustainable, bio-based packaging solution for the highest standards and eco-conscious packaging. The innovative raw material mix consists of 70% industrial starch, 12% paper fresh-fibres and 18% water and a special admixture of natural ingredients.

The starch comes from industrial potatoes that grow on specially treated cultivation areas. This ensures that no land that could be used for the cultivation of food is wasted. The result is one of the most sustainable packaging products to emerge in recent years.

Paper injection moulding packaging is biodegradable, i.e. completely compostable without harmful residues. Due to the high starch content it decomposes within a few weeks, leaving no residue. The packaging can also be disposed of and recycled easily at home together with wastepaper.

Peak values in the climate balance sheet

The ecological balance of paper injection moulding is excellent: The low-emission production means that the greenhouse potential value lies at only 0.14 kilograms CO2 equivalent per kilogram of material. The CO2 emission values per packaging tray are 85% less than other packaging forms.

Ecological production

The raw material mixture is further processed by machines using the patented injection moulding technique and moulding tools. The result is an extremely light product with a high level of formability and stability that is predestined for application as single-use packaging. For the pharmaceutical industry, inlays made of paper injection moulding are ideal alternatives to plastic inlays. Paper injection moulding is the optimal solution for securing or packaging a product so that it is transport-safe and shatterproof. A seal with sustainable cellophane foil provides the products with additional protection against contamination. This means the packaging complies with the high quality and safety standards of the pharmaceutical industry.


  1. Injection: In a specifically developed injection moulding process, the paper mixture from the production is injected into an aluminium tool.
  2. Baking process: The paper mixture is “baked“ at a constant temperature of circa. 200°C in the tool to make the final packaging moulded part.
  3. De-moulding: By using injection mould tools, an excellent level of detail and a high degree of shape-retention is achieved in the packaging contours. The special feature of this procedure is the fine surface structure and the increased strength of the paper material.
Your partner for paper injection moulding inlays
Your partner for paper injection moulding inlays

Faller Packaging offers paper injection moulding inlays in cooperation with DE-Pack as part of a coordinated overall concept for sustainable secondary packaging with a folding carton, label  and leaflets. Therefore you only have one competent contact person and qualified supplier -Faller Packaging- for your complete packaging solution.

We would be happy to support your transition and contribution to a sustainable future.

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Niklas Mößner is a product manager and expert on the topic of sustainability in packaging
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