2019-08-19 | Company-News

Faller trainees get involved in Waldkirch residential and nursing home

For 10 years our trainees have been involved in the campaign "Social commitment" for institutions in the region. This year, they supported the St. Nikolai Spitalfonds residential and nursing home, including the restoration of park benches.

Twelve trainees visited the nursing home, restored park benches, spent time with the residents, baked cakes and exchanged ideas. On the second day, a walk around the Stadtrainsee and a tour of Faller Plant 1 in Waldkirch were on the agenda.

Jasmin Fehrenbach, apprentice as industrial clerk at August Faller, co-organized this year's action days and is happy about the results and the experiences she gained: "I think it is important to get involved socially and it is great that Faller gives us apprentices the opportunity to set up a social project themselves. It was fun because the residents were very happy about our visit and the new benches. It was also very interesting because the senior citizens had already experienced a lot and they told us about it."

Read more about our social commitment in and outside the region.



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